Frequenty Asked Questions

1) How do you get Pokémon?

Our team of trusted Pokémon Trainers customizes each Pokémon individually for your needs. All of our Pokémon are valid in-game for competitive play. We have a large network of players able to acquire just about any Pokémon no matter how rare!

2) How does the payment process work?

We offer many ways to pay including all major credit and debit cards. All payments are automatic meaning once they're received and you see the order confirmation screen you'll get a Link Code. All credit and debit card payments are encrypted and secured, and your private information is not accessible to even Poke Grab.

3) How long does trading take?

Usually the process takes minutes, and you'll get a Link Code fairly quickly. For larger orders it may take up to 30 minutes or longer to complete all the trades.

4) Why did I get Pokémon instead of items?

In order to transfer holdable items, we attach them to Psyducks!

5) Why can't Poke Grab staff connect and where are my items?

The most common problem that may delay your order is related to WiFi. Try connecting to Link Codes on a stable WiFi network. Mobile hotspots and poor connections may cause issues. We'll always refund in the event none of our staff can connect!

6) What are throwaway Pokémon and why do I need them?

Throwaway Pokémon are Pokémon you don't mind giving up. All Pokémon trades are 1:1, so in order for us to transfer Pokémon and items, you'll need to transfer us throwaway Pokémon for the swap to be possible.

7) I can't see the livechat? Help!

If the livechat is not showing up for some reason, please just email us at [email protected] to communicate with us. This will connect you to the Poke Grab team so we can assist you in the exact same way our livechat does.

8) Does Poke Grab have affiliates or a sponsorship program?

Yes we do! If you have a large enough audience on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform we offer incredibly lucrative opportunities for promotion. Please email [email protected] for further information.

9) Can I work for Poke Grab?

Our team is currently full. We'll update this question if a spot opens up.